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Friday, June 18, 2010

Billionaires Givin Back

Hey Barry:

This aint for you, leastways I don think so.

This is for da billionaires who gonna give a bunch back to charity.

Here my comment: B F D

You billionaire guys want to be good an all, but yo money not the problem. Neva yo mind that behind every great fortune lies a great crime. No big thang.

Problem is effin royalty.

Don matter you gives away half or 90% of what yo got, we an our great grandchildren still gonna be stuck with bunch generations of useless stinkin rich folks who jes buys wot they wants, especially and specifically includin laws.

Good ol U S of A founded on the idea that ya gotta make it on your own - not live off daddy.

Nuther U S of A idea is that we'all gets to vote on laws - laws aint supposed to be for sale.

Onliest sensible thang is a big heritance tax. We gotta kill them too big fortunes cuz they is only gonna make our lives poorer if'n they stays round.

We is doomed if'n we dont kill them big fortunes.

Your pal,

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