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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Messy Oil

Hey Barry:

Caught yo talk testerday an I'm gonna give you a B.

[UPDATE - Ima uppin the grade to a B + , BP jes put $20 Billion inta the fund. Way ta go Barry!]

Good bout it was this: Y'all took the hi road an gave us some hope. Thas good.

Here wot y'all left out: aint no details bout gittin it done.

Itsa a management problem, cleanin it up, and y'all didnt show managin.

Here how ta manage dis mess:

1. Set up a payment procees wid BP cash thas managed by govt - thas y'all - an pay em quick, don do no shilly shallyin round there.

2. Hire one person per county to be da govt coordinator for the clean up. Here wot he do: he holds one meetin wid da local county folks and makes a clean up plan by the end of the meet. May be an hour may be a week - but the end is a plan.

3. Then, he make a list of wot to do and wot all he needs to do it.

4. Then he make nuther list of wot he aint got an wot he has got.

5. Then he git on do phone an git wot's missin.

6. Then he tell y'all how much he spendin ta git it done an sends y'all the lists.

Then you - Barry Obama - make a list of wot is happenin county by county, beach by beach.

An that'll make y'all the manager.

Thas was missin from yo talk, but yo can still do dat.

Mebbe y'all doin all that already; if thas true, then all ya gotta do is tell us.

We with y'all Barry, keep on it.

Your pal,

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