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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Honor of the United States

Hey Barry:

You are receiveing a lot of flak for the Libya action, but it is the right thing to do.

Here's why action in Libya is good for the United States:

1. Act in concert with our values and principles - we value freedom and democracy over violence and fear;

2. Restore and enhance the honor of the United States of America - we are doing the right thing even if we are limited in our abilities;

3. Humanitarian response - we should not stand by while women, children and unarmed men are brutalized by their government - and we are saving lives;

4. Get on the right side of history for a change - clearly a movement among Arab youth is rocking the world and we have been on the dictators' side in reputation and fact;

5. Our stance is already reaping positive change in other countries - whether or not anyone intervenes, repressive governments are looking over their shoulder;

6. Improve our national security - fewer terrorists will attack us when they have some freedom and hope in their own country;

7. Quick turnover of leading role to NATO helps our image in the world;

8. Involve other countries in NATO and the Arab league in our action - it is not a unilateral USA act; and,

9. We can wear our flag with pride again.

Your pal,

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