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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Had the pleasure to watch the Dem debate from the AFL/CIO last night and was impressed by all the candidates' passion and grasp of the issues. Was not able to see the Repub debate, but will try to catch the next one.

Kudos to Keith Olberman for holding the Dems feet to the fire on many of the real issues.

Hillary made a point of saying that she would continue to accept lobbyist donations but had proven her ability to stand up to the corporate interests in her past fights with the pharma and insurance industries - she claimed that donations would not influence her policies.

So here's a question: Can she stand up to the MIC? This is the acid test.

Here's a suggestion on one way to do it: list all the officers who have served in the DC area in either high level positions or in the procurement function for more than ten years. Then, transfer them to Iraq, retirement or Europe so they can't interact with the contractors any more. Last, install competitive bidding on all contracts over one million.

This might reduce the MIC's influence if successful. I would predict resistance to the idea, so if the next president chooses this option, it should be treated with caution and secrecy.

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