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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire??

At this writing the polls say that Hillary is second to Obama.

Where from here??

Re-position as

1. Positive and inclusive vision for future based on asking for help from all the people in policy strength areas. For example, "With your help, we will pass a health plan that will make sure that every American child has the best health care! I will need your help to call your congressmen and pass the health care law."

2. Appeal to proven, existing Democrat base as the responsible, adult alternative to Bush. Show Bush as implusive, naive which results in many disasters. By implication only as opposed to direct attacks, paint Obama and Edwards as also impulsive and naive and likely to end in a similar place.

Remember the delegate count: the nominee is chosen at the convention. Stay in the race until the delegates are counted.

Front runners may change. Only the shadow knows!!!!!!!!!!

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