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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear Superdelegates:

I am a recently retired college economics teacher who has had the honor to act as a Hillary surrogate some 14 times.

Our country is at a crossroads where our fundamental values are under attack by some wrong headed Republicans.

The times are similar to the 1930's or the 1860's. Our next President will determine the future of the country.

Obama has raised doubts about his competence to govern at this critical time.

For example, he said in the Texas debate that universal health care is his goal; and yet acknowledged that his health care plan will not cover everyone and will require fines for parents who fail to insure their children.

This disconnect between goals and policies seems careless at best and incompetent at worst.

One more example: In that debate Obama also said that he believes in free markets and that he would make sure that our children did not have to play with toys that had lead filled paint on them.

Those positions are mutually inconsistent. And, if he doesn't know that, it raises concerns.

If he favors free markets, he favors business interests over children. That sounds just like the Bush policies he says he wants to change. But, if he favors children over business, he will be called a big government Democrat and lose business support.

His job is to 'parse' those positions and create a policy statement that will gain support from both groups. Until he can do that, he is not ready for prime time and McCain will eat his lunch.

I think you take my point by now.

The United States of America requires a President equal to the tasks we face.

Hillary is the only candidate equal to the tasks.

If Obama is elected he will require extensive hands on guidance from professional and competent advisors throughout his administration.

I hope that you will insist on that.

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