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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Veeps Away

Here's the Dem problem: Hillary and Obama have voting blocs of about the same size, even though the blocs are very different.

To drastically oversimplify: Hillary's bloc is based on white women, blue collar and Latino voters while Obama's is based on blacks, upper middle class and younger voters.

The burning question is what will each candidate's bloc do when the candidate loses?

Hillary has made it clear - she will encourage Obama's bloc to vote democratic even if he loses. She has done that by offering him the Veepship. This is a move to unite the party.

But, Obama has not made a similar move to Hillary. Absent a similar move, he seems to prefer splitting the party and jeopardizing the general election to uniting the party.

Memo to Senator Obama: It's time to grow up. You cannot win the nomination without the superdelegates, just like Hillary. It is time to act like a politician instead of a preacher.

If politics is the art of the possible instead of the art of the pure, then Hillary is demonstrating politics at its highest.

To date, Senator Obama has responded only that he is not running for the Veepship.

He is absent from the discussion so far, seeming to prefer preaching to his choir.

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