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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin/McCain - Too Dumb To Serve

This duo would be a disaster for the United States.

McCain's primary claim is that he is strong on defense because he stood up to torture. The reason he was shot down and captured is that he disobeyed orders from smart people and flew where he was not supposed to fly.

At the first news of the Georgia/Russia dust up, he pronounced that he was a Georgian and that we should invade South Ossetia and fight Russia.

Even the blood drunk Cheney/Bush duo is smarter than that. The Bush administration took force off the table right away.

Imagine a President dumber than Bush.

Now imagine a President dumber than McCain. That would be Sarah Palin.

McCain will die in office if elected - even Matt Damon knows that.

Then Palin will be President. She echoed McCain's 'Let's fight the Russians' after the issue was firmly in hand by smart people: the EU headed by Sarkozy of France.

The EU made an agreement with Russia that has Russian troops withdrawing and European observers guaranteeing the peace.

C'mon folks, pay attention.

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