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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Outside the Banker's Sandbox

OK Barry, we get that you are trying real hard on a whole lotta things. And, we are hearing your guys about the bank mess. Geithner, Summer, Volcker and all. And I gotta tell ya, on this one, it's a real downer, Barry.

Here's what it sounds like: 'Bankers created the mess and we have to give them money to fix the problem. Of course, we can't go outside the box because we are a nation of laws.'

Don't wanna hear that Barry.

I want to hear that you know what the country needs to get things moving and that you will do that, whatever it is. It may involve new laws, new regulations, who knows what all. Ya gotta focus on the end result and not on the process, Barry. All your guys are process people and that ain't gonna work. I read somewhere that the biggest failure in managing companies is to repeat the process when the results are bad. When the results are bad, ya gotta change the process, Barry. Sound familiar?

Maybe you need special emergency powers to suspend normal laws for a little while. This sure as hell is not normal times Barry. What did FDR do?

If I am there the AIG guys are sitting in my office all day every day until we get a solution. I don't take a letter about how hard it is to change an agreement with crooks.

Maybe we need a banking czar to shake up the nest.

The very least you need is someone to think outside the box, Barry. You don't have that now and we are hurting because of it.

I am available to think outside the box, Barry. And, I'm cheap. Don't need no stinking half million dollars to sit around and make ideas, Barry. Call me any time.

Keep thinking like a father and a husband - don't think like a politician.

We're with you Barry - just don't get snowed.

Your pal.

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