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Friday, April 10, 2009

Painting Roaches

OK Barry

You tired of me about banks, I got it. Just one more cuz it's a holiday.

One of my honeydo jobs is to clear out an old paint shed in the back.

Old, ugly and shaky [the shack Barry, the shack]. Plus it has lots of roaches, termites and rats.

DCON does the rats, but the roaches?

You ever cleaned out roaches Barry? Fun job. First ya gotta find the water source cuz them roaches will eat each other all day long and forever so long as there's water around. One time before this, well them roaches would sun themselves in the moonlight on a bright night, they'd rustle when you walk, scurryin away from your feet.

So I found the water source - leaky pipe under the sink - and it was covered with a big ball of white yuck, no roaches in the day, just the white yuck. Took the sink and the yuck and set that sucker in the bright sunlight and it dried up quick. Ya know what, them roaches just walked away after that. Not so much as a by your leave. Sorry for the neighbors, but what ya gonna do?

Now with the new job I got two choices: clean it up right in the light and all, or paint it over. If I paint it over, the wife won't notice til she sees a roach. Maybe by then I can distract her with a trip to her mother's.

Just a thought Barry. We still got your back. Do the right thing.

your pal.

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