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Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey Barry:

Ya'll doin lotta good an I'm a big fan.

Luv it that ya caps the execs pay and takes on the surance and bank weasels.

Don fuggit the Golden Sox rule: bankers cannot make loans and sell insurance and stocks at the same time. 'S like they's retarded or sumthin. Dunno why - it just is.

Anyways, here we is - we spent all the borrowed, an now what to do.

We all hurtin bout no jobs - so where we goin Barry? Where is we goin?

Couple things Barry. Real easy to sit here and criticize, I knows, but don gripe Barry. Ya'll wanted the job.

Problem is ain't nobody buyin nothin. An, whatever we buy comes from China cause it's cheaper.

Somehow we gotta get mo money to folks like me. An, they is only two ways to do that, Barry.

Ain't rocket science.

Numba One: raise wages. Duh. Let unions organize an folks strike for more money. Gotta do it.

Numba Two: Gotta protek the business that pays the wages from the Chinks. Duh number two. I knows they is lotta money in 'Free Trade' crap, but Barry, we got no jobs.

Was mo portant? Jobs, or 18th century theory?

Make a decision Barry, we countin on ya.

Your pal,

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