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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eat Your Lima Beans, Boy

Hey Barry

This here lil message gonna be bout them banks, but I gotta wander around a little first.

When I was a lil kid I really hated lima beans - made me wanna puke. Kinda like bad fish does today. Yuch.

But my Mom thought them beans was good for me, so she tol me to:

' them beans'.

'But Mom, they make me wanna puke.'

'Too bad boy, eat em anyways.'

So, Barry, now ya'll tellin them bankers they gotta make loans to businesses cause it's good for the country.

Read about here:

Well, it won't kill anyone ifn ya does that, but it ain't gonna help either.

Them bank weasels will only make loans they like - like simple ones with big profits, no work and no risk.

Why's they gonna work hard to make a $50K loan to some small business owned by a Pakistani when they can sell some BS stocks or surance and make lots of money for the same work and more profit?

They won't, an y'all tellin them to eat the lima beans ain't gonna do nuthin. Them small loans make em wanna puke.

But, here's da ting Barry, we gotta have them small loans so's we can have jobs.

And, the onliest way to get them banks ta make loans is for you to fix it so's they can't sell stocks and surance no more.

Cris almity, Barry, we knows that.

Thas what ya gotta do Barry, get them banks out of the stock and surance business an make them eat the lima beans - they sure aint gonna do it jes cause you says so.

Get Timmy and Barney on it. We needs it.

Your pal,

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