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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey Barry:

Couple things:

Another FDR moment when y'all asks for a law to keep corps outa the elections. This is a good'un - keep on it.

And, I hears y'all calling for more civilized process in makin laws. An, I'll do what lil bit I can, but looky Barry, sumtimes them Reps is jes effin outrageous. But, Ima suppose callin em out ain't gonna make em feel better. An ifn they feels bad, they gonna make us pay even more. Sounds like a threat to me, but I'll cut em some slack on your say so.

Here's an idea - why not do a real FDR by goin over they heads an direct to us voters. Course, y'all been doin that alreddy, but mebbe is time to ramp it up.

How bout sumthin like this: Les say Rep Zpqrs from the great red state of North Bgfopmst is bad mouthin sum law we gotta have to prevent the good ol USA from implodin.

Here's wot y'all can do: Travel to his district and maka bunch speeches where y'all says that the esteemed Rep Zpqrs is a fine gentleman who is kind to his dogs and children and he is really trying to do the best for the country, but he's jes a little misguided. W'all gotta help him out with sum wisdom cuz he surely does not understand the effects of what he's sayin on you real folks out there.

F'rexample, he is sayin that this here new law we workin on will kill babies and install socialism. Now of course thas jes ridiculus - an mebbe even he knows it - but is jes politics.

So folks, here's wot we gotta do - we gotta pass this law in Congress because if'n we don't pass it, there is a good chance that our country, the Great USA, will decline so that your grandchildren will have to live on the street. Now of course we don want that, so here's what you can do - call the Rep's office at this phone number on the card I am handing you now and tell his staff that your president says this law is important to our country and our way of life.

Mebbe if enuf of y'all calls that neumber, Rep Zpqrs may jes have a change of heart and let us in DC pass that new law we needs so much.

Well Barry, I thinks y'all gets the idea - put the voters on the Reps an let us work on him. An, do that on a case by case basis on jes the law that he is stallin. No need ta go after his entire being or office - jes his vote on that one law.

OK, Barry, thas bout as bipartisan as I can git. I only gots one party, the USA party.

Your pal,

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