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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blood, Tears, (T)oil and Sweat

Hey Barry:

Sum of da pundits sayin that the oil thing is your make or break; read Carolyn Lochead here:

They aint right, Barry, but seems ta me that y'all gotta get in front of it, big time.

Y'all been tryin, but yo aint there yet.

Y'all lives in a 'gimme NOW' world an y'all dealin wid a complex mess. So far, seems y'all is behind the complainin when yo needs to be in front.

Jes like Churchill in WW2. He inherited a mess and hadda get in front of it. Thas when he pulled out his blood and tears thing:'I have nothing to promise you but blood, tears, toil and sweat. We will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them in the fields and we will fight them in the streets. We will never surrender.'

Thas a pretty po rememberin of that speech, but Barry, mebbe it has sum lesson for y'all there.

Your pal,

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