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Friday, August 20, 2010

National Security - 350 Years - Why RICH Bad, Part 11

Hey Barry:

This one's gotta couple parts. First - bout me. Second, more bout RICH.

First part: Sum y'all wonderin, - mebbe, mebbe not - who da hell dis guy anyways. Was he want?

Gonna tell ya.

Seems I got lotta family all over; most of 'em I don know an they don know me. Prolly better that way,

Anyways, when I's in school my old aunt tells me I's related pretty much directly to good ol John Adams through the Philadelphia Brooks - yeah, that John Adams.

First reaction - so what. That an two dollor gonna buy me a beer.

Then, few year later I get to wonnerin bout wot we doin to this country. Short answer: we screwin up.

Anyways, I watches an I learns bout tings and the more I watch the worse it gets.

Then another cousin does sum diggin an turns out we related to lotta Presidents: We had relatives on the Mayflower and they arived about 1621. Names Hicks, Edw. , Winslow, Sarah Odding and John Doane come up. Roger Sherman was a signer of the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The presidents that come off of Sir Henry "Knight" Sherman were Taft, Hoover, George H Bush and George Walker Bush. That makes 6 presidents now!

There was a Hanson who was actually the first President of the Continental Congress, which makes him President before George Washington.

Well, thassa enuf of that - gets boring after while. Besides, family don make you rich, unless yo too RICH.

Point of it is this: I aint fraid of talking clear to anybuddy. I can talk on an even like level, an you might even listen.

Second part - we gotta be clear Barry. Why you think Ima goin on bout the RICH, anyways.

Here da answer to dat - here xactly why RICH is bad.

If'n folks gets too rich, then they can compete with the government. When that happens, we is cooked. There go 350 years of xperimentin wid helpin common folks do well rite down the drain.

Cryin shame is wot it is.

An, Barry, thas happenin right now. The RICH is buyin laws and buyin lections. An when they do, the lections an laws gonna make them RICHER and gonna make the rest of us poorer.

Barry, I know y'all all knows that. An I knows y'all tryin like hell to turn dat ship round in better direction.

But Barry - this is the test. It aint bout Reps vs Dems - it bout the RICH and the rest of us.

Keep on it, but mebbe move a lil faster, if'n yo can.

Your pal,

[Not an ex-President].

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