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Saturday, April 30, 2011

2012 - Turning the Boat

Hey Barry:

2012 will shape the future of the country. We can make good or bad choices about our future.

Not a surprise.

Here's my list of the critical issues we will decide:

Reduce OR continue the Class War against the Middle Class. We will choose to keep OR dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and collective bargaining by either reducing taxes on the rich while reducing benefits OR, alternatively, keep benefits constant by raising taxes on the rich.

Ignore corruption resulting from the increasing power and influence of billionaires OR reduce their influence by increasing income and estate taxes dramatically.

Cause a major depression by failing to approve the debt ceiling increase OR approve the increase and work out our problems.

Fund OR dismantle Health Insurance. We will choose to keep OR dismantle your health care program. Sadly I do not think expanding health care is possible.

Ignore energy problems until markets cause severe disruptions OR continue funding energy alternatives.

Keep OR expand financial system regulation. The current system allows future bubbles and crashes; it needs work.

Keep on our current foreign policy course of sympathy for world's poor thereby improving our national security OR return to supporting brutal regimes thereby harming our national security.

Ignore our infrastructure deterioration OR increase taxes and build for the future.

Manage our trade and industrial policies for the benefit of our workers OR continue ignoring the problems our policies create.

Grow our GDP so that our debt is more manageable OR ignore the problem until the debt becomes unmanageable and interest consumes our tax reveue until defense and social security are endangered.

Y'all have your own list, of course.

Point is simple: We don't have any room for mistakes. No room.

No pressure Barry.

Your pal,

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