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Friday, May 6, 2011

UPDATE 7.22.11: Bogeyman America?

Hey Barry

It's good that OBL is gone - nobody will miss him and we'll feel safer.

But, Barry, one commentator on TV said something that's a little distrubing. I recall hearing a comment to the effect that Americans think the OBL killing was a one time event, but in reality we have teams in war zones that do this two or three times per night. Perhaps I heard it wrong, but I don't think so.

So, Barry, if I get this right, we sneak into people's houses and kill them - and anyone else who gets in the way - about 700 times or more every year.

This is not the American way, Barry, not at all.

Sneaking into houses in the dark makes us into the Bogeyman, Barry; it can go a long way to explaining why some people hate us.

Here's Petraeus on the tactic:

I don't want to live in Bogeyman Country Barry. I want to live in America.

Y'all can tell I've never been on either end of that gun - and I don't want to be, ever. Still, I can comment, Barry; it's Free Speech.

In America, we have processes and protections so we make sure that accused people have every chance to defend themselves. If they cannot defend themselves, then we go ahead and execute them.

Lotta folks will complain about that: "it's a war and we have to protect ourselves. If we give these killers processes and rights, then we will be less safe."

Totally got that we are in a war.

But, there must be a dfifferent choice somewhere. Can't imagine that the only choices are to bomb the house or sneak in and kill people.

First question is this: What kind of evidence do we have that justifies taking a life? And, if there is evidence, then that evidence can be presented to some jury or court somewhere. Maybe an international war crimes court.

Or, maybe we surround the house and tell the occupants that they have five minutes to surrender or we will bomb the house.

I'm sure there are better choices, Barry, we need to find some.

Of course, all that will cost a little more. Process and democracy are not cheap.

But, in the long run, it is a cost we should bear.

Because we are America.

Your pal,

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