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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Middle East Security and Stagflation

Hey Barry:

Loved your speech on the Middle East. Now we're ahead of the curve.

Just remember one definition of a pioneer: He's the one who walks in front of the wagon train and gets shot in the back with arrows.

It means you won't get a lot of sympathy: current governments feel the heat and ordinary people are too busy trying to get enough food and, maybe, a job.

But, our national security is better because we're on the right side. It's good that the religious fundamentalist approach to social problems is dying away. Fewer folks will try to blow up Americans now; there'll still be some, but not so many new ones.

Biggest problem is to deliver food and jobs to the people. We can help by reigning in the FED in its flooding the world with new dollars. All that is doing now is driving speculation in commodities, raising the cost of living and threatening the recovery. Just too much money in too few hands, Barry. It's a big problem.

I can remember the oil induced stagflation of the 70's - it was ugly.

Your pal

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