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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Budget: Big Money Class War

Hey Barry:

Well, you know it's kinda hard to figure out what's really going on with the debt and budget thing.

All I can do is to watch TV and try not to get angry.

Here's what it looks like from this end: Big Money is pullin the Reps strings so they're negotiating tough, real tough.

Thing is, the Reps and their puppeteers don't give a rosy red rat's a-- for what happens to the country so long as their taxes don't get raised. It's just a game for them. They lie, they steal.

I guess our only hope is that enough voters out here get the message. Then, we can vote out all the Reps and elect some patriotic people. Patriots, you remember them, the folks who put country before money. There are still some around.

But, in the meantime, Ya gotta feel sorry for the Tea Party folks who buy the Rep's hook, line and sinker.

We also gotta get those Tea Party folks out of power before they give even what we have left to the fat cats.

We know one thing: if the country defaults, Big Money will be OK and the rest of us will pay the price with even more $5 per hour jobs, unemployment and hunger.

So, Barry, since it's all politics at this point - get tough. Out tough the Big Money. We with you.

Give an inch so we can stick it to the the Reps down the road. Save the country, fight the Class War.

It's where we are.

Your pal,

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