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Friday, September 16, 2011

Time to Fight AND Die

Hey Barry:

Well I promised to take a look at the economics of the moment.

But, Barry, it aint about economics - it's about the survival of the country in any manner recognizable to any adult alive today.

So, the proper question is this: Will the USA implode and disappear?

If we take the USA to mean a country with a functioning democracy, a coherent social structure and a viable middle class, then the short answer is:

Yes it will.

The grand experiment that began in 1776 will disappear.

It is probably gone already.

Regarding the reasons for our country's disappearance, I refer you to Mike Lofgren's excellent piece here:

The only question remaining is what kind of country we will have in 20 years. We can get some ideas by looking backward at European countries when royalties were in charge. Ugly.

Well, Barry, stopping the rot is probably a suicide mission, but I'm with you if you want to fight.

If you want to really fight, y'all gotta get down and dirty. I know you have the stomach for it because you can kill in the night.

It's our last hope - fight the Big Money Bastards any way we can.

It's very clear: it's time to fight and die.

It's not fight OR die.

It's fight AND die.

Your pal,

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