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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sensible Plan for Bank Failures

Hey Barry:

We know that we will see even more major bank failures very soon, probably as a result of the European situation as a proximate cause, but primarily due to underlying conditions of corruption and greed.

We need a plan of what to do when it happens.

Here is the plan:

1. Fire Timothy Geithner now. He will be unwilling or unable to implement any sensible solutions since his loyalties seem to lie elswehere than what is good for the country.

2. Upon a request for financial assistance from the Treasury or the FED beyond normal requests for short term loans by any bank of any size, or upon clear evidence of insolvency, immediately seize all the bank's assets and properties.

3. Close the bank for ten days.

4. Fire all managers.

5. During that time, liquidate all operations and assets involved in non-lending and non-depositor operations.

6. Ensure that the FDIC makes depositors whole.

7. Immediately begin a criminal investigation of bank management to locate which persons committed crimes or extra poor judgment.

8. Sue any bank manager found guilty of a crime to recover bank assets.

9. Re-open the bank under strict Glass-Steagall rules. Until Glass-Steagall is reimplemented by Congress and aggresively enforced by appropriate authorities, station a federal marshall in the bank to ensure that those rules are followed.

10. Under no circumstances allow the FED or the Treasury to rescue the bank without these changes.

These actions will ensure the stability of the country's money supply and prevent widespread catastrophes.

It is NOT throwing good money after bad.

Time for a change, Barry.

Your pal,

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