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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hope, Change

Hey Barry:

Seems that the 60 Minute piece is sticking with me a little, even at 3.00 AM.

So, one of the things you said was that changing the economy will take a long time, maybe even through another President, after your second term.

Now Barry, we love you a lot, but that there thing about change taking a long time is just wrong.

Y'all gonna have to up your game a little bit. Cuz if'n you don't, we is truly cooked.

Here's the thing about changing the economy: it just takes a few well placed laws and policies to start the process.

When FDR finally got off his chair, he put into law a lot of the things we count on today: SEC, FDIC, Glass-Steagall, just to name a few.

It took no time at all to pass the laws, but changing the country's behavior took a long time.

Actually seeing the results is what takes the time Barry, but changing the laws and policies can be done quick. The change you're thinking of happens when folks' behavior is actually changed by enforcing the new laws. That's the thing that takes the time: changing behavior.

In fact, if the new laws are not passed quickly, they probably won't get passed at all. So, your strategy has to be to flood the floor of Congress with ALL your wishes as soon as you have the votes to pass them.

Now, I did actually write a list of the laws that should be adopted and y'all can read them here:

To that list we should add: finish health care so it's completely nationalized with zero for-profit insurance and veto the plan to detain Americans without habeus corpus. Oh, one more thing: Congress has to kill the Citizen's United decision with a law.

As to why the new laws have a short fuse, it's because them greedy big money bastards will scream bloody murder if they think y'all gonna ask them for another cent.

Soon as they hear y'all even thinking about real change, they will call in all the markers they gave to their lap dogs and throw a gigantic hissy fit on the floor of Congress to shut the place down for awhile.

They are willing to kill the country to save their tax breaks.

It's just unspeakable, Barry.

But, it is what it is.

Now, you're gonna go all: 'But I need a Dem majority in both houses to do that and even then, there are some Dems who won't go along with all my laws. I sure as hell won't get any help from any Reps.'

OK, you got me there. You will need a majority in both houses. Yep.

Well, I have Ten Thousand Dollars in borowed cash from Mitt which says that you will have that majority, Barry.

And, here's the Hope and Change part. It'll be the last tango for the Good Ol U S of A.

If you, Barry Obama, don't get off your chair and pass all the laws you can when you have the chance, we are jes cooked.

We may be cooked already, Barry; I'm just hoping we are not finished yet.

Here's the good news in all this, Barry: all the voters in the country will love you to death if you succeed in passing these laws. We all know what the real story is, Barry. We get it. You will be a true hero if you act boldly.

It's up to you.

Merry Christmas.

Your pal,

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