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Friday, January 20, 2012

USA Coup d'Etat 2014

Barry, My Liege:

We can look ahead to 2014.

It is NOT a pretty picture.

You are in a trap, Barry. A big trap.

Here's the trap: Your administration has suspended the Constitution.

This opens the way for a Corporate/Military coup.

Here's the danger: They will come for you and place you under house arrest with your family.

It will be claimed that you have suspended the rights of citizens and the population is clearly in a revolutionary mood.

Therefore, a 'temporary' military dictatorship will be installed to protect the country from your actions.

In case you think this is too far fetched, it is exactly what happened to Gorbachev in Russia. Yeltsin had him placed under house arrest while a dictatorship was installed.

Here's how this comes about: You and the Democrats win a huge plurality in 2012. With that mandate you and the party proceed to address the imbalances in our society.

These actions will infuriate the monied interests and create an emotional imperative within them for action to preserve the status quo.

If you don't try to correct the financial and social imbalances, our country is doomed to a slow decline and third world societal structure.

If you do try to correct the financial and social imbalances, the Corporate/Military power structure will arrest you and install a dictatorship. Today they are pushing the destruction of the Constitution so that tomorrow there will be both an excuse for a coup and a structure to accomplish the coup.

You'll be arrested if you do and villified if you don't correct the imbalances. It's Hobson's Choice and a rock and a hard place, Barry - it's a 50/50 shot.

Here's the only way to avoid this problem: Reverse all the un-Constitutional actions taken recently AND eliminate the Crony Fascism that currently exists between big business executives and top government jobs. But, my liege, these are long shots with uncertain chances of success.

Be careful out there.

Your faithful subject,

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