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Monday, June 25, 2012

Recovery : Occupy Movement

Barry, My Liege :

The previous several postings in this space have discussed various economic maladies which afflict currently the Economic National Security of the United States.

Those postings have included suggested economic remedies and estimates of the costs of each malady which remains un-remedied.

My concern, My Liege, is that the political process in the United States is both too corrupt and too gridlocked to install any of the remedies suggested.

This situation constitutes a vacuum of national political leadership.

It is an old truism that 'Nature abhors a vacuum.'

That is the reason for specifying the Occupy movement as a Recovery issue.

As you know, the United States has a long history of political demonstrations, strikes, riots and general unrest beginning in 1619 with a strike by Polish craftsmen in the Jamestown colony for voting rights and continuing through today with the Occupy movement.

My father served in the National Guard that was called to San Francisco from Los Angeles in the International Longshoremans and Warehouse union strike of 1934. Two longshoremen, Nick Bordoise and Howard Sperry, were shot to death by the San Francisco Police. May 1934.

Should you, Barack H. Obama, fail to remedy or ameliorate some of the maladies listed here through government action, then the last remaining hope for the Exceptional Experiment that was the United States is the Occupy movement.

We can hope that the movement will continue with its protests and that there will be real reform as a result.

The danger is that the Occupy Movement will be co-opted by a violent group and that the recently militarized police and Homeland Security will overreact, killing some protestors.

We also hope that the Movement stays on its current non-violent course and lobbies peacefully for economic change.

Just about every country in the world contains a privileged class of people who abuse and exploit the average and the poor.

If we fail to redress our current situation, we may become just another country where the privileged exploit the underprivileged.

Your faithful servant,

1 comment:

  1. Bev Barnes
    Originally the way the powers were split up between the executive, legilative and courts seem to work fine. However, since Citizens United is allowing individuals to give as much as they want and it doesn't matter where the Money comes from (could be foreign cartel interest or oil interest our elections can be bought. Perhaps they should have a one time only ever citizen vote or you lose your right to vote for every election in the future should be done to make sure that the votes equal the amount of legal citizens in this country for once in a lifetime. The only way we can truly win an election anymore is getting out the vote. However, I do not even trust our different states to act fairly on that. Early voting and maiingl in color codde envelopes for Dems and Republicans should not be allowed. Uniform rules for federal elections should be the rule not the exception. They could lose whole communities votes just to make the numbers come out the way they want. The immigration law that just passed partially in the State of Arizona will probably drive away the Hispanic vote because people will not have their birth certificates or passports on them when going to the voting polls. I wish that occupy movement could be deputized to watch over the voting prencincts across the country and have the right to arrest anyone for suspicious handeling of voting records. The way I read the supreme court ruling is that a person needs to be arrested and then police can seek the immigration status, but too many immigrants have been picked up for no reason at all. One was a hispanic child taken from their classroom and rounded up. Its simply pathetic.