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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This Space - Officially Enlightened !

Barry , My Liege :

This space has been included as one of the 100 most enlightened economics sites on the interweb.

The entire list is here :

This space is listed under the Global Economics heading as Number 82. Here is the introduction from that site :

'82. Clear and Present Danger

This explicitly populist and left-leaning economic blog responds to political and economic news and topics. In addition to its analysis, the site contains a clearly humorous tone, with its oddly feudal theming and all of its posts beginning with “Barry, My Liege.”

Econ Highlight: Conservative Economic Theory, Wrong in 1776, Wrong Now'

Below is the offical notification :


I'm following up with you about the list has published of the Top 100 Sites for Enlightened Economists.

I emailed you last week to let you know you'd been nominated, and I'm pleased to report that your site made the Top 100. You can view the list here:

We've created a badge you can post on your site to let your readers know you were selected. You can use the embed code below or the attached image.

Top Economics Site

While our site is geared toward prospective students in economics, and they will no doubt find this list to be useful, we also published it to benefit all readers interested in economic topics. Congratulations, and thanks for maintaining such a useful site!

Feel free to email me with any questions or feedback about the list.


Your faithful servant,

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