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Friday, June 10, 2016

Hillary, My Liege

Hillary, My Liege:

I am addressing you with the Medieval, honorific title My Liege to suggest that you will be our next President. As such, you will have the power of life and death over Americans as well as citizens of other countries.

It is an awesome power and responsibility, My Liege. I pray you are up to the task of balancing humility and moral rectitude with your new power.

During your formative years as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, you have taken some positions that have supported Corporations and other narrow interests in their accumulation of riches at our expense.

Now it comes that you must represent and take responsibility for the well-being of all the people instead of choosing to represent one or another interest.

There are some issues on which your past positions have not measured up to that awesome responsibility and those are the issues which led some to question your fitness for the office.

While some of those positions may be explained by the limits of your more narrow, prior offices, be assured that you will be measured by a different standard in the future.

Occasionally, Corporate and other moneyed parties have interests which do not harm the average person, but in today's world those occasions are infrequent. Many such claims are simply spin designed to obfuscate the real intentions.

Here are some, but not all, of the issues where Corporate interests can argue in favor of policies that will harm directly millions of people:


Keystone XL;

Trans Pacific Partnership, and trade deals in general;

Glass-Steagall separation of fiduciary and profit motives for banks;

Criminal punishment of Wall Street criminals;

Wall Street influence on the US Treasury;

Extraction of US wealth from public assets and working families by corporations and financial institutions;

Effective Bank regulation;

Corporate and bank lobbyist influence on Congress;

Privatization of schools;

Healthcare Insurance profiteering; and,

Climate devastation.

Any first year economics student can make an argument in favor of the policies which enrich the corporate interests at our expense, but your charter is to see the self interest contained in those arguments and balance that narrow interest with the interests of those who do not have access.

Again, we pray you are strong enough for the task, for, if you are not, then the American experiment will be finished.

Your faithful servant, since 2008.

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