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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Open Letter to trump Voters

Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:


This is a letter to the folks who voted for trump for President.

It is addressed to the voters who were protesting the current condition of many American people.

While some of my relatives and friends are in that group, this is not a personal letter to you guys who are close to me by blood or acquaintance.

Voters: Your vote for Donald trump for President of the United States of America shocked many people.

I was not shocked, though, because the reasons some of you voted for him are similar reasons to why many folks were for Bernie Sanders.


For many Americans, life has been getting worse for many years. Now, we Americans cannot be sure that our children will have better lives. And, it seems that our grandchildren will have even worse lives.

I think the vote represented a Revolution for America - a Revolution against a system that is stacked in favor of the rich and against hard working people who play by the rules.

And, you know what, there is actual justification for that feeling.

Here's why:

There has been a systematic campaign in our country to steal your family's incomes. This campaign began about 44 years ago. 1972 was the year when the real earnings of the average American began to decline. And, your real incomes [what real products you can buy with your money income] have been declining ever since. This campaign has been incredibly successful in transferring the wealth you produce to the greedy few among us.

It really doesn't matter who is directing this campaign even though we all have our suspicions. What matters is what we can do about it. And I'll get to that in a second.

We know that the family and personal hardships we have all suffered from this campaign have created the frustrations we all feel.


In the Presidential election campaign, it was an easy job to appeal to those frustrations.

trump exploited those frustrations by saying all the things you know to be true and promising to correct them. Heck, I thought about voting for him myself.

He spent a lot of time talking about issues we all feel every day.

But, and here is the thing, none of the issues he talked about were the real issues. None of them were about stealing your family's income.

Here's a partial list of the topics he used to distract you away from the real issues:








MAINSTREAM MEDIA - Also a Russian favorite, btw.

I'm sure there are more; these are just the ones I remember.

These are all serious topics, except the racial issues which pander to the baser instincts of some. What the questions have in common is that each one does create passionate debate on all sides.

The reality is that trump doesn't really care about any of these questions; he just used them as distractions from his real agenda.


His real agenda is to reduce your family's income, by any means necessary so he and his family and friends can get even richer. Their perspective is that when your wages go up, they lose money. So, they make more money by keeping your wages low and/or finding even cheaper labor in other countries.

Here's a short list of their tactics:

One of the favorite tactics of the folks who are stealing our money and our incomes is to create chaos and recessions.

During the chaos of 2008-2009 recession that bankers created, lots of people made fortunes while many lost their homes. You probably don't know that the African-American community lost about 80% of all the wealth they had accumulated since Reconstruction from the Civil War during that recession!

trump's plan is three fold.

First, his administration will create more chaos. See CHAOS below for details.

Second, his family will profit from others' misery during the chaos, especially since they will have advance notice of the coming problems.

Third, his administration will continue the assault on workers' incomes begun 44 years ago.


Since many trump voters were expressing their frustration with the country, and since it is likely that you were among those voters, then, if you want REAL change, you have to take the next step.




The actions you can take to stop this assault are simple but they do require a little effort.

It is very simple - visit, phone or email your elected Representative and Senator and demand that they support positive legislation on these issues. All of these issues will put more income into working families.

[Here's how to find your Congressperson and local officials using your zip code: ]

BUT, please try to avoid the Tea Party fiasco where big money took over the movement and changed its objectives toward issues benefitting big money. The Big Money Boys are very smart and they will try to take over your momentum. Either join with progressive Democrats - who want mostly the same things for you - or avoid organizations completely.


Raise minimum wage - Congress has the power to set and raise the minimum wage. Ask your congressman to raise it.

Keep Income Taxes on High Incomes – Don’t give a tax cut to Billionaires!

Legalize new overtime laws - Obama set new overtime laws in place, but trump can rescind them. Tell Congress to pass a law.

Enforce existing labor law - the National Labor Relations Board oversees Union matters, demand that the Board is funded and effective.

Labor Unions - tell your Congressperson you want stronger labor unions since all wages go up when unions are stronger.

Bank regulation - The same people who created the 2008 recession are still running the banks and are fighting mightily against new regulations that will protect us. Tell your Congressperson to pass new regulations.

Preserve Social Security - Some billionaires want take away the Social Security trust fund and put it into their own fortunes. Don't let Ryan win that fight.

Obama care - Keep medical care available for everybody. Fix the problems but do not take care away from people. Don’t voucherize medical care.

Off shoring - Take away incentives to send jobs overseas. Do NOT pass the TPP.

Forgive Student Debt - An entire generation of college kids - maybe your kids - face huge college debts which lock them into low paying jobs. It will hurt our future unless college kids have some relief.

I am sure there are others you can think of, but these are the big ones. Fixing these WILL raise your family's incomes.


You may have wondered why trump is placing strange people into cabinet positions. Maybe, you might think, he really is draining the swamp.

Far from it.

Each of these appointments will create chaos in the area overseen by their department. Then, when trump sees chaos coming his family can profit from it.

Simple example: He criticized Boeing in a tweet. Their stock fell. If you sold the stock before the tweet and then bought it back after the tweet, you would make a fortune!

trump can play the market with chaos, making individual stocks rise and fall at his whim.

I don't have an anti chaos strategy. Maybe you can create one.

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