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Monday, April 17, 2017

UPDATE - LOST THE FLEET - Disgusted and Ashamed

Words fail me.

I am disgusted at the sight of him - lecherous, perverted crook.

I want to retch.

I am ashamed for my country.

Let us hope that he does not kill us all before he goes away.

Now we are the same as every corrupt, murderous regime.

Please God, take him soon. Or me.

UPDATE - We would have gone to Nuclear war with North Korea, except that TRUMP LOST THE FLEET!!


  1. LOL "Trump Lost the Fleet"!

  2. Lol."Trump lost a fleet". Good way to put it.

  3. We have been infected by the fear of Terror. ISIS is winning by causing many to cower in their innate tribal tendencies and reverting to nationalism. The sickness has been festering and is now erupting across the globe as do boils from MRSA erupt all over the body.
    RE health care..Trump is right. Obama Care is exploding (in popularity). Trumpcare will implode. Obama said "Obama Care is more popular than Trump"! Obama always out trumps Trump!. everyway. Trump won't let Obama alone because he is sooooo jealous of that black man