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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Inciting to Violence

trump is clearly and obviously inciting his base toward violent acts.

One can assume that he is attempting to create a violent reaction from others.

The end is to further Putin's goals of weakening the civil society of the United States of America.

That will make Russia appear more powerful.

It will also lead to economic malaise in the United States which can then be exploited by trump and other billionaire crooks. They can buy distressed assets at rock bottom prices. BTW, distressed means that the owners are suffering and may resort to their own violence.

trump may call for martial law and further suspension of Constitutional rights in the face of any demonstration.

See Naomi Klein here:

We can resist with non-violent demonstrations.

We can and should create mass non-violent demonstrations with the goal of pressuring Congress into doing the right thing.

Make a demonstration every time there is an opportunity to show Senators and Representatives that we will resist without violence whenever we can and until the policies are corrected.

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