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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Restoring the US Middle Class - 10. Single Payer Health Care

Insurance Profits Do Not Belong in Healthcare

Regardless of the outcome of the Supreme Court's decision about the ACA Act, there is no place for profit in the healthcare system. If we can eliminate insurance company profits, we can pay for our healthcare with current expenditures.

Our current health care system does not make sense. It will be a little better if the 'Supremes' validate the current Affordable Care Act [ACA] system.

But even if the ACA program is upheld, the system will cost too much, deliver too little care and leave too much money in private insurance companies.

Single Payer Could Eliminate Insurance Profits and Cover All Healthcare Costs with no Increase in Total Expenditure

By moving to a single payer system, we can deliver better care to all citizens at a lower cost.

In a study of the Minnesota Health Care system, the Lewin Group forecasts that a single payer system will reduce total health care spending in the State by 8.8% as compared to a fully implemented ACA:

Market Failures Hurt People Today

The current and proposed ACA systems create market failures which leave significant numbers of people without health care.

Those market failures reduce our Economic National Security since sick people are unable to contribute economically and since the sick and uninsured are directed to the emergency system.


  1. Bev Barnes Bernie was on TV today and was saying that Medicare could fix the drug costs but I wonder if it would be that easy since they already conditioned Medicare to let the drug companies charge what they want. I don't want them tinkering with Medicare if it would break the bond we have now, but the drug fix is one of the biggest stupidest thing they could have done when instituting Medicare. Its costing about $6000 a year for just my diabetic medication two types of insulin and I end up paying $3000 at least every year for what cost other countries a tenth of that price. We have a mafia running the drug industry and we need them gone!

  2. Joan Williamson

    Single payer health care - gov’t controlled...a monopsony.


    By entitling a person to time and resources means putting the obligation on someone else to provide the same...the government.
    Paid for by higher taxes
    Every one gets healthcare
    People get it at zero-pay which overwhelms the system
    Single payer does not ration healthcare by gets rationed in other ways
    ...long waiting times to curb demand...patients at the head of the queue are not always those with the greatest need
    ...the gov’t cannot reprice efficiently due to supply and demand so it would have to offer
    limited coverage for not medically necessary procedures like alcoholism, infertility, mental disorders, eye and dental care, prescription drugs, etc. and impose more state and federal mandates controlling coverage
    When a party other than the patient or provider start making healthcare decisions, it is easy
    to lose site of whose interests are paramount.
    It is estimated that the program costs for single payer health care would average 2.5 trillion
    per year. All paid by a significant layered payroll tax, added income tax, 40% tax on those with incomes over $250,000...and more taxes to cover the created $1 trillion deficit...increase in capital gains tax, estate tax, increased marginal tax rates, and eliminating tax expenditures...
    not to mention big cuts to doctors and hospitals, and this payment and budgetary control reduces the amount and kind of medical care provided to patients
    This agenda is based on heavier taxation, higher federal spending, larger government programs and government control over the economy...all set on “eliminating” the middle
    class, not restoring destroying the small business man, taxing the wage earner excessively, establishing a government “elitist” controlling class...benefiting “entitlement” individuals the most and giving them no way to become responsible for their own destiny because the agenda deems its power by taking the middle class out of the equation and leveling all for this socialistic, one world order.