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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Catholic Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Considering the impact a Supreme Court Justice appointed for life can have on our secular Republic, it is worthwhile to consider DC Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Catholic faith.

President John Kennedy felt obliged to issue a statement that his Catholic faith would be secondary to his oath to protect the Constitution.

It would seem appropriate to ask Judge Brett Kavanaugh for an equal statement.

It also seems appropriate to question his faith in some detail.

For example, does he think it is moral to hide documents he wrote from Senators considering his nomination?

If he thinks it is not, then will he call for the release of ALL documents from his prior service??

Does he agree with the Church's present position on pedophile priests?

In the light of 800 dead babies buried in a convent septic tank in Ireland [], what is his position on birth control??

And also, what is his position on abortion as the law of the land as decided in Roe v Wade? Will he support the law or vote to reverse it.??

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