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Monday, November 26, 2018

Truth and trump

I am pretty sure this will be a contentious posting, since some trump supporters will disagree with it.

Here's what I think is true today.

It is NOT patriotic to support trump in all his policies. Many of his policies and actions conflict with the values and ideals Americans hold dear. One of those values is the right and duty of Americans to call out any elected official when that person is failing to adhere to American values, especially the President.

trump's base was motivated to vote for change since the economy has failed to allow wages to keep up with GDP gains; wages have been stagnant since the 1970's in real terms while GDP and corporate profits have soared. BUT, Republicans of all stripes including his base are actively installing policies which will make that worse and will NOT alleviate it.

trump is personally a vile and disgusting person of whom I am ashamed. All real Americans are ashamed of him.

trump has taken money from Russian mobsters and Saudi crooks; they have threatened to kill him and his family if he does not do what they ask. As a result, trump is a Russian asset whose policies serve the interests of Putin and his 'oligarch' mobster pals, and NOT Americans.

Evidence proving trump has committed several crimes while acting as President will be forthcoming soon.

The only question is whether American laws are able to withstand the trump subversion process. I will bet they are that strong.

trump will leave office in disgrace.

Some may ask: Why do you hate trump? I ask: How is it that you do NOT hate trump?

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