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Monday, March 11, 2019

Further Reflections

Things I've learned - From my Dad:

Never show all your cards - always keep something back.

Always have a reason for what you do or say

'A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still', [prob Dale Carnegie]

Some things I've learned - From my life:

Love is real

The best and hardest thing to know is what you want from life.

Secrets kill. Always talk it out.

I can change the world as long as I don't care who receives the credit.

Nothing lasts forever.

I have more fun when I don't think about how I look.

Two essentials are a good dentist and a good mechanic.

I think better when the kitchen is clean.

It's always better to wait for the best thing instead of settling for the second best. Often the best thing is the basic thing.

When a person believes a falsehood, facts will not change his or her mind.

I can manage my mind to avoid depression.

When I feel it approaching, which rarely happens, I think "No. I will not do that.'

Then I change physical location for different stimulus or think about a project to work on next week, also for different stimulus.

A person with a specific goal will usually carry the day in a meeting since most do not have a goal.

Big tasks can be subdivided into smaller tasks which then makes it easier to achieve the overall goal.

When strangers look at me they are usually wondering what I think of them.

At least one third of women have been abused. The damage lasts a lifetime.

Grief over loss is real. It is temporary with 4 stages - Denial, Anger, Bargaining and Acceptance.

The stages of grief do not follow the calendar - they take as long as they take.

Serenity prayer - Accept the things I cannot change, change what I can, know the difference.

Whiskey - The right amount can ease the mind and soothe aches, but too much can ruin sleep and relationships.

I cannot give a life to someone who does not want it, especially if my gift requires that they change.

Whatever you want, wait and let it come to you

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