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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

POTUS Endangers National Security

Due to trump's design or accident, several issues of national security importance are left unaddressed by the United States.

It is worth considering forming and unofficial task force composed of Democrat leaders, Republican leaders who are not in thrall to trump and some public spirited wealthy citizens. This task force would consult and advise the federal officials working on the questions and identify wherein the National Interest of the United States lies.

This is the role normally performed by POTUS. The United States must not be allowed to drift with no guidance in these areas.

The first rule of the task force is full public disclosure by means of archived transcripts of all deliberations and announcements easily available to the public. The exception would be information that covers intelligence sources and methods which might be compromised.

I propose that Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama take the lead Democrat positions. Two equally distinguished Republicans might be identified. Two or more wealthy and public spirited citizens will be asked to provide funding for the enterprise.

The issues below are suggested, in no particular order, as places to begin.


It is likely that trump will not leave the Presidency peacefully if he loses the election. It is time to create a step by step plan to both determine that he has lost and then a plan to remove him involuntarily.


Some people in this classification may be inclined to mass shootings. In addition to tracking their social media postings, perhaps there is some intervention that can be designed to reduce their desire for violence. Perhaps there is a public figure who commands respect from this group who can be encouraged to campaign against violence.


Our country appears unable to control these weapons. Perhaps some public minded citizen can join the manufacturer's board and change the policy and sales strategy to simply discontinue making these weapons available to non-military buyers. The same can be done for ammunition. Then, as Eric Swawell has proposed, we can buy them all back and destroy them.


This will continue. The United States requires the skills, tools and motivations to fight this information war. We must first secure our election process and then attack and destroy all the Russian and other warriors who seek to destabilize the country.


Unfortunately several Republican Senators have decided to block any law or action supported by the American public. This may be due to fear of trump rage or from favors granted to campaign donors. The cause is irrelevant. The Senators blocking the public's will should be targeted in primaries and general elections.


Russia is a third rate country run by thugs. It is trying to create trouble in the West in order to mollify its restive population. We should counter their every diplomatic move aggressively since they will continue to attack until they meet resistance. We should re-affirm our support of NATO and the EU.


80% of the American population feels economic stress and has little hope for the future. When this happened in the 1930's, we saw the rise of Hitler, Mussolini and others.


This is simply evil and must be stopped regardless of whom it affects.


The private commercial banking system operates with insufficient regulation. Unless checked, it will cause a financial panic and recession in the near future.

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