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Friday, May 24, 2019

Two Existential Threats to the United States Today

The underlying structure of the United States Constitution is under direct attack today by the Administration. Currently, there are two initiatives which will fundamentally alter our country if they proceed unchecked.

The first existential threat is to Freedom of the Press - the First Amendment.

The Government has charged Julian Assange with a crime of publishing secret government information. Regardless of the personal merits of Mr. Assange, if he is convicted, then the government will be able to punish any journalist with jail for the crime of publishing government information.

A free press which publishes government information is the major deterrent to misuse of power by government officials.

An example of the power of the free press is the children locked in cages on our Southern border. Without a free press, some of them would die without our knowledge.

If the First Amendment is destroyed, then we will no longer be free.

Here is a link to an article, from the free press, about this threat:

The second existential threat is to the sources and methods which our National Security agencies use to protect the United States from covert and overt attacks.

The Administration has ordered all the Security Agencies to cooperate with the new probe into 'spying' on trump during his election campaign. There have already been two investigations into this issue which found no wrongdoing.

The effect, and perhaps the purpose, of this order will be to compromise our intelligence sources and methods. People will die.

And, combined with the Administration's refusal to construct adequate cyber defenses, the United States will be vulnerable to any foreign actors who wish to plunder our country.

Now is the time for all the Security employees to make a decision - cooperate with this order and weaken the constitution or refuse to cooperate and risk termination.

The choice is that stark.

Here is a link to a discussion of the order:

Some may wonder at the purpose behind these attacks. I suggest that they are part of a Russian operation to weaken the United States - and the European Union Countries as well.

Russia has nurtured a hatred of the United States for more than one hundred years. During that time they have developed and refined plans to weaken us. Now is their time to implement those plans.

Fifty years ago, their goal was to install Communism once we were weak. Now their goal is simply greed - their thug oligarchs want to loot us. It is just that simple.

To see how Russia works, read this article on the collapse of Austria's far right government:

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