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Saturday, July 27, 2019

UPDATE: Beating Trump

In addition to the crippling personal faults listed below is his ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENCE:

INCOMPETENCE - He is unable to fulfill the duties of POTUS in all areas; here are some examples:

ADMINISTRATIVE FAILURE - He has a very high rate of appointee and employee turnover while many of the critical positions in the Federal government are vacant or occupied by temporary placeholders.

CRIMINAL APPOINTEES - Many of his former senior administration and campaign staff are in prison.

AGENCIES CRIPPLED - Many of his appointees to critical agencies are lobbyists for the companies they now regulate with resulting harm to the country.

FOREIGN WARS - His policies have brought the United States to the brink of war in North Korea, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and possibly others.

INTELLIGENCE SERVICES - The National Security of the United States depends on accurate and unbiased information from our intelligence services. He has fired many of the top officers in those agencies and harmed the morale of the agents who place their lives in danger every day. Some of our spies have been outed and probably killed.

TRADE WAR - He has escalated a discussion of foreign trade imbalances into a trade war; that war has damaged several of our economic sectors, notably American agriculture.

There are others, but the narrative below returns to the personal flaws -

Experience in defeating David Duke in a statewide election shows that Dems should attack the candidate personally as a threat to the very existence of our American government and way of life.

He will likely attack any Dem personally and relentlessly and Dem policy arguments likely will not overcome those attacks. Even if there is an effective impeachment, the apathetic voter may not be motivated.

Any attack should be repeated endlessly at every opportunity; there should be no room for doubt.

FLOUTING THE RULE OF LAW - He thinks and acts as if he is above the law. If re-elected he will simply ignore the law; He has already shown that behavior. The Constitution won't survive his attacks.

PEDOPHILE - He has a history of raping underage girls. He will continue this shameless behavior if given cover of darkness from the press.

FELON - His acts of obstruction in the Mueller probe would result in a felony conviction for any other person. He escapes only because he is President.

RAPIST - There are many documented cases where he has raped women.

TRAITOR - He has repeatedly placed the interests of Russian oligarchs above the interests of the American people.

DEADBEAT - He has used the court system to defraud vendors and customers repeatedly.

RAMPANT CORRUPTION - His appointment officials and his family have all used the office for personal enrichment.

CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE - His campaign officers and personal attorney are in jail for various criminal acts. This will only get worse if he stays in office.

PHILANDERER - He has used his authority over employees to seduce their wives by telling the wife the husband complains about her at work.

Only by demonstrating his evil nature and acts can the apathetic voter by motivated and only then can he be defeated.

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