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Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Sale of Our Freedom

There are some things we know.

Trump, Senate Republicans and FOX are cooperating with Putin to force our country to further Putin's goal. Putin's goal is to allow his associates free access to our markets, policies and intelligence in order to financially benefit him and his associates. Putin and his associates are thugs who murder their enemies in cold blood regardless of where they reside.

While the FBI has systematically documented the cooperation between Trump and Russia, many of the United States intelligence specialists who conducted the investigation have been fired and the report has been buried. The public has the right to read the report, but access has been withheld. The separate Mueller report had a limited, criminal focus. It was published in large part despite the Administrations' efforts to stop that release and subsequent publicity.

Democratic party leaders are trying to create public opinion in favor of prosecuting Trump for his many crimes. Since impeachment is a censure device and does not necessarily result in removal from office, and since it requires Senate approval to proceed, the better course is to build an overwhelming consensus among voters that the election must defeat Republicans and Trump. If he wins the 2020 election it is likely that Trump will install a tyrannical government . Among other things, Democracy in the United States will be gone. The likely result of that eventuality is a civil war.

See Rachel Maddow for some background:

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