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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Personal, Profane Rant about Republicans

This is my personal rant.

It is about Republicans.

It is profane.

I fucking dare you to read it.

Republicans, all of you: You are gutless fucking cowards and traitors.

How dare you stand up in the United States and call yourselves Americans.

How dare you.

You - Nunes, Rubio, McConnell, Paul, McCarthy, Graham, Mnuchin, Bossie, Robert and Rebekah Mercer and the rest of you bastards.

You take Russian money to betray the United States for your personal gain.

You support a traitor in the White House.

He gets Putin's permission before killing an Iranian general. That helps Russia and it will murder American soldiers and perhaps some diplomats.

And all this is to protect your job.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

Washington, Adams, Madison, Hamilton, Franklin and even Benedict Arnold - all the Founding Fathers are disgusted at you. You have sullied the name and honor of the United States.

And you have done so in the name and service to a traitor in the White House.

He is a traitorous pedophile racist misogynistic corrupt thug.

Your career is over regardless of what happens next. You are hated and reviled for your cowardice and greed.

If you continue this path, you will ensure the installation of a thugocracy in the United States and you will be forever known as just that: a traitor and a coward.

You will live to see the results of your actions and you will be ashamed. Your children and grandchildren will be ashamed of your name forever.

I am ashamed of you.

Mike P. McKeever

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