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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Biden and Boogaloo

Putin's playbook is to create division and conflict among Americans so that trump can keep power.

Some of the rich among us are helping that effort by supporting armed protests about corona virus safety measures. They do it by paying people to organize and attend protests against pandemic safeguards. 

See this: [] 

and this []

A major part of this effort is to create confusion about the pandemic. trump promotes confusion when he says it is a hoax while his medical team says it is real. 

Some people think the pandemic is a hoax because 1., trump repeats that statement continuously and 2., scientists deny the hoax but they are overwhelmed by trump. 

AND, the same people think that if the pandemic is either not real or may be a hoax, then any restrictions on 'my personal behavior' are a violation of 'my civil rights.' 

Ergo, we see protests with signs and guns funded by deVos, Cock Bros et al.


Biden appears on FOX, CNN, ABC, etc., etc, to repeat that pandemic is real, the disease is horrible and that behavior rules are to save protesters' lives. If asked, Biden says trump is wrong.

Also, his staff conducts a concerted social media campaign to repeat this message. 

And, Biden repeats that the confusion is understandable but people who break laws will be arrested. Those who meet in public and ignore the guidelines endanger everyone else. 

This behavior is not acceptable. Biden will call out public officials who do not enforce pandemic guidelines. 

AND: Biden should call out the boogaloo movement on FB.

Boogaloo- Right wing term for violent revolution: 

See this: [Facebook:]

And this: []

And this: []

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