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HUMANITY DOOMSDAY CLOCK - Moves forward to 2125 due to election of US President trump.

Estimate of the time that Humanity will go extinct or civilization will collapse. The HUMANITY DOOMSDAY CLOCK moves forward to 2125 due to US President trump's abandonment of climate change goals. Apologies to Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists for using the name.


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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Essential Worker Sickout Every Wednesday

It is time for a weekly sickout by all essential workers to apply pressure on the United States to complete a few clear objectives:

1. Remove trump from office immediately - he must resign now

2. Provide free treatment of all Covid 19 infections.

3. Declare a six month rent and mortgage holiday with any arrears added to the end of the loan term or forgiven as rent.

4. Increase all essential workers' pay by 25% or more

All essential workers are called to take every Wednesday off without pay until these objectives are met.  Some hours can be made up by weekend or overtime work. All truck drivers, grocery store workers, auto repair shops, transit workers, others not mentioned and cops take the day off. 

The only exceptions are health care workers, standby cops for emergencies and firefighters. 

The government of the United States is weak and vulnerable due to trump's general incapacity and work as a Russian asset.

The United States will become stronger only when all Americans do better economically. America is not a zero sum game. 

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