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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Driving Mr. Edwards

Watched the debate the other night and the Edwards commercial that replayed Hillary's answers to the question of driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.

Maybe the mistake was trying to have an answer to every question all the time. Being a responsible leader means taking the time to think through a question and it was obvious she had not done so for this question. The American people will understand that she cannot shoot from the hip on serious questions.

Maybe this would have worked:

"You know Chris, this is a serious question and frankly I have not been able to think through all the implications here. I think the American people want a responsible leader who will take the time to give serious, responsible thought to difficult national issues. I will do that for this issue and get back to you in a week.

As you know I am called on to answer literally hundreds of questions about national and local policy every day. My goal is to give serious answers to serious questions instead of shooting from the hip or making flip, overly simplified responses on the spur of the moment.

While some may see that as 'parsing', the fact of the matter is that national policy questions demand thorough analysis before coming to a conclusion.

Illegal immigration is a serious national policy question that Bush and the Republican congress have failed to answer. In the meantime, illegal immigrants will drive cars illegally and somehow we need to control that.

So, it's a big question and I will get back to you."

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