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Thursday, November 8, 2007



Interesting website that lets you vote on a list of issues, then matches you with the candidates that most closely match your preferences based on the candidate's published positions.

Very interesting, with two caveats:

1. Makes no mention of electability or competence, and,

2. Issue list is very limited.

Regardless, I came out matched most closely with Kucinich with an 86% match while I matched Hillary with 73%.

Hillary is still the best bet for the country.


  1. It seems like you are missing the point on this one.

    "Hillary is still the best bet in the country."

    Why? Because her campaign coffers crush all comers? Because her answers (highly-scripted answers if we're going for accuracy) appeal to the largest voting block? Does electability mean so much to you that you don't care how she votes on your own personal issues? And if so, what in the world are you voting for her based on? (outside of the desire to 'be on the winning team')

    I do appreciate your giving us the heads up about Glassbooth though. I took the quiz and was 85% with Biden -- then I took it again with a different point-allocation by issue and found that the more points I put on an issue the more questions on that issue were presented (I got Kucinich this time).

    I found the tool to be very informative, especially for the amount of time it takes to complete the process. The amount of information sort of blew my mind.

    Anyway, kudos for the heads-up about the site -- everyone should check it out.

    One caveat re: electability on the site:

    Where is the area where we indicate the amount of importance we place on hair of the candidate? (sarcasm)

  2. Sorry. Accidentally hit "Anonymous". The posting above is me.