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Sunday, February 14, 2010

No Sports - Jes Greed

Hey Barry, Happy V-day, be sure to love your girls.

This here aint bout you - itsa vacation.

Ima telly sports fan. I luv to watch kids doin their all to beat nother kid - reminds me bein young.

So, I's watchin the Maverick surfin live on the web an it was great. Kids doing scary stuff, spectators wipin out an humongous waves. Best thing - its all live and the guys who are talking actually know the dudes on the boards. But, they don give no life history on air - dude gets the wave or he wipes out. Thas it. Plus a few commercials. Wonnerful.

Then I sees the Lympics are on late in the day, so I turns on NBC. Here's what I see: eight girl mogul runs of two Canadians and six Mericans, including life stories, leventy seven commercials, Apollo Ohno's Hollywood dance life, a football commentator on how much he loves Ohno's competitive drive plus the commentators' new hanky and - wait for it - AN EFFIN CARTOON.

Holy cow. Where are the dam sports?

So I goes online to look for some sports an what do I see. I can watch yesterday's ceremony, but nuthin else. Nuthin.

To watch any online sports I have to belong to some cable company I never heard of.

It jes sucks.

So, Ima totally givin up the Lympics.

Where the hell is the IOC?

Why caint I watch any sports?

Grumble, grumble, monopoly, grumble, world goin to hell, grumble........

Your pal

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