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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surance Ghouls

Hey Barry

Hear y'all gonna have a sit down with the sick surance ghouls.

Les tink bout dis. Ima sure y'all been nearby when the druggies are selling they s--t in y'all days in ChiTown.

When I walks by dose guys I sees people sellin death. An here's da ting Barry - they alreddy bought it. They bought the death they sellin.

Now we goes to Wall Street an we looks at the 'Health Insurance Industry' an wot do we see?

We sees guys killin people for money.

Ya know, is one ting to kill sumbuddy for some offense - aint good, but it's one ting.

But, now we gets peoples who makes VERY GOOD MONEY by killin people jes for the cash. Dese are the worst of the worst, jes ghouls outta some nightmare.

They is worse than the alreddy dead people selling death - they is makin cash by letting sick folks die.

An, Barry, dese are the same guys y'all meetin soon.

Barry - we don need no surance ghouls - we needs doctors.

Help us out Barry.

Your pal,

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