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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Homeless Children

Hey Barry:

This is from the US Conference of Mayors in 1986:

'My name is David Bright. I am ten years old. I am homeless. I am often hungry. Right now I live in the Martinique Hotel [a 'welfare hotel' in New York]. The Martinique is a mad house. The hallways are dangerous. Many things could happen to you while you're in the hallways. Like you could be shot or raped. The roaches and rats are a big problem too. But being raped is worse. There are people who rape little boys in the hallways.

I am often hungry because I don't get enough to eat. Homeless kids are taken to schools far away. When the bus comes late I can't even get breakfast at school. When I arrive the bell rings, then breakfast just stops. I just can't think in school when I'm hungry. My mind just stops thinking and this can't go on forever. That's because I want to learn. I want to get a good education. Learning is fun for me.

There are too many little kids in the hotel who never go to school. There just is not enough room in the school for them. Just like there's not enough homes for poor chuildren and not enough food.

When I grow up I will be President of the United States. When I am the President every American will have a home. Every American will have something to eat every day. Everyone in America will have a little money in his pocket. When I am President no ten year old boy like me will have to put his head down on the desk at school because it hurts to be hungry.'

Your pal,

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