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Monday, July 19, 2010

Corporations - Why Rich Folks Bad - Part 5

Hey Barry:

Les take corporations as examples of rich folks. They aint families, but the rules now is such that the CEO's are definitely RICH.

Corporations have consistently behaved badly over our history as a country - there is no reason to expect corporate behavior will change in the forseeable future. Not all corporations all the time behave badly, but a big enough majority do so consistently. For example, the Sarbanes Oxley Law was pased in response to the Enron debacle a few years ago.

Their bad behavior is consistently designed to enrich their shareholders and executives by manipulating markets, courts and laws to obtain the greatsest possible profit while simultaneously transferring risk and costs to the public - thas us, you and me. Its called privatizing the gain and socializing the loss. An, Barry, its downright Un American.

Since 1998 I have moderated an internet discussion list which attempts to document corporate behavior - both good and bad - from relevant press articles.

The archives are available publicly here:

The archives are searchable - it is a valuable resource.

Your pal,

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