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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Politicking the Budget

Hey Barry:

I don't think I like your debt ceiling and deficit reduction negotiating strategy. It has a fatal flaw - the dreaded blue screen of death.

Of course, I am just reading the tea leaves of press conferences and am probably missing something.

But, it seems to me that you're relying on the Reps to do the right thing for the country and hoping that some pressure from home will sway them to vote like adults.

You're making concessions and not getting anything in return, Barry.

But, giving away the store will NOT buy cooperation - ya gotta put the heat on 'em.

Barry, we live in a different world and you're gonna have to step up the game. Cuz if'n you don't we is cooked like a skinny goose.

The fatal flaw in your strategy is that the Reps have been bought and paid for - they don't listen to voters, they listen only to money.

So, since I don't think ya'll can bribe 'em outright, though mebbe you can, then ya'll gonna have to get to their money. You have to put pressure on their backers to pressure the elected bunch to vote the right way.

So, here's how to do that:

First, tell Biden that all the cuts are off the table and we want single payer health care and that ALL the deficits will be paid for by tax increases on rich folks - higher income tax rates for higher brackets, tax capital gains as ordinary income, close all the deductions for corporations and so on.

Make it clear to the public that you understand what the public wants and that the Reps are putting all the burdens on the middle class when Billionaires caused the problem in the first place.

We know that already; it's not a surprise.

Then..............have Biden walk out of the conference.

That will get their panties in a bunch and they will take their eye off the ball.

Next, get a list of the top 100 Rep donors and call each one on the phone. Here's what you'll tell them.

'Mr. Smith. this is the President of the United States Barack Obama. I am calling you on a matter of critical national importance and I need your help.

Your Rep. Mr. Jones is saying that he will not vote for a new debt ceiling or a reasonable budget unless we gut social security and medicare and leave tax deductions for corporate jets alone.

I am asking you to call him on the phone and ask him to cooperate in this time of national crisis.

If you don't make the call and if Mr. Jones does not do the adult thing by voting to raise the debt ceiling and allowing some reasonable tax increases, then the United States will default on its debts for the first time since Alexander Hamilton sold T Bills.

That will raise the interest rates the US has to pay to borrow money which will raise interest rates for everyone in the country. Higher rates will choke off business investment and we will have another Great Depression, Mr. Smith. I am sure you do not want that.

So I am asking you to make the phone call. If you do make that call and if Mr. Jones votes like an adult, then I'll pay your way to Washington and present you with a Certificate of Meritorius Service in the White House.

In order to be clear about how important this is to the country, if Mr. Jones fails to vote like an adult, then I will hold you personally responsible and will make it my business to discover whether you have broken any laws or regulations.

I am saddened by the need for this conversation, but the future of the country is on the line today like never before, Mr. Smith.

Can I count on your cooperation, Mr. Smith?'

There you go Barry - make 100 of those calls and the crisis is over.

Your pal,

1 comment:

  1. Bev Barnes
    I am all for high treason of the Repub Reps. Run them through Eric Holder and have them audited for all of their "personal Wealth" and "Reelection Wealth" Your right we are cooked like a goose. The two percent rich fat cats have already taken their business to China, they could care less what happens here. The legislature was asleep at the wheel during the last 10 to 30 years giving away the farm. Now there are no jobs and no one to pay into social security/medicare for the elderly and so they want to take that away also. No income then no expense. We haven't gained a thing. We need an infusion of small business willing to hire people. We need to stop investing either in buying their stock or buying their product if they are not providing American jobs and not paying their corporate taxes. We basically have to rebuild a broken country.