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Monday, November 21, 2011

Now, It's Spain

Hey Barry:

This is not a good time.

International bankers depose elected governments in Italy and Greece to impose austerity, the US Super Committee appears unable to make a decision which may collapse US' ability to sell T-Bills and it seems that the European situation faces even another problem: Spain.

Spain may be too big to rescue - AND its government followed the rules.

But, Spaniards borrowed and built houses which drove up its wages. Now the construction boom has collapsed, unemployment has hit 21% and households cannot pay their bills.

It is looking like the only way out is to leave the Eurozone and let the Spanish Central bank bail out the economy. But, the ECB does not want that to happen because it would probably destroy the Eurozone.

read about it here;

Holy cow, Barry, the hits just keep on coming.

Your pal,

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