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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Billionaires Giving Back

Barry, My Liege :

There may be some really rich folk who would like to give back to the Economic National Security of the United States of America, but who don't know what to do.

I will grant you that it is unlikely, but who knows?

Here is the proposal :

Let us create a list of critical projects at the national, state and local levels where there is an immediate need and the need is critical. These will be projects that have more immediate importance than mining gold on Mars or creating a privately owned space program - fun though each of those may be.

With decreasing tax revenues, it should be easy to write a list of deserving projects.

Let elected officials at each level decide which projects will be on the list and in which priority; then ask them to provide a description of the project, the amount of money needed and, most importantly, where to send the check.

Then we can publicize the list and track publicly which projects are funded and which do not receive any interest.

My Liege, this space will be delighted to administer such a list in the event there are no government resources available.

By all means, it should be said by all the billionaires that 'Well, at least I know where to send my money.'

Your faithful servant,

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