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Friday, July 6, 2012

ELECTION UPDATE NOVEMBER 8 City College of San Francisco Spared Ax

Barry, My Liege :


In Tuesday's election California voters passed Prop 30, which raises taxes on wealthy folks and gives money to education, and San Francisco voters passed Prop A, a special tax for CCSF.

It is very good news for City College in the short term. But, there are still reactionary forces looking to defund public education in the State and the Country.


The CCSF Board is meeting daily with the public, WASC, students, faculty and administrators to devise a plan to keep the College's accreditation. All have committed to keeping the college open.

Community support is high and sentiment propels the necessary efforts. I am hoping it will happen ; details here :

As background, CCSF is in danger of losing its accreditation. If it loses that status, then its credits will not transfer to four year colleges and, most likely, it will shut down.

The college enrolls about 90,000 students. That means that 10% of the population of San Francisco is currently taking classes.

It is a civic jewel and part of the heart of San Francisco.

If you emigrate to San Francisco from Moscow and don't speak English, you can take English classes at CCSF.

If you want to change careers and don't know what to do, you can explore options at CCSF for a modest fee.

If you have athletic talent but are not so good at academics, you may get a second chance on a CCSF national championship team.

If you are LGBT, you can join a support group at CCSF.

CCSF problems are manageable, but the current governing structure and personnel do not have the ability to solve the problems in the time required, IMHO. [While I am employed at CCSF, I do not speak for the college and this is my personal opinion only.]

With my business and planning background, the problems and solutions are readily apparent to me, as are the difficulties in implementation.

There is an urgent need to solve the immediate problems and create structures and systems which will manage the issues into the future.

This is a call to the Northern California community for help. The Board and Administration will benefit from a blue-ribbon, politically connected and effective team to guide them over this problem. Without that help, there is a real probability that CCSF will close.

Here is the background including a link to the report :

Your faithful servant,


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  2. I attended CCSF as a non-traditional (older) student, transferred to UC Berkeley and am now finishing my MSc at LSE. The college not only allowed me to redeem what had been a poor high school performance (due to lack of interest), but explore my options before deciding on a major. What I learned at CCSF was more than adequate to prepare me for the more rigorous learning environments of Cal and LSE, and it would be a huge disservice to the Bay Area community if the accreditation of this terrific resource was removed, or worse, if the college closed.

  3. The moon is not made of cheese, you troll.

  4. I'll assume the anonymous commentator who stated that 'the moon is not made of cheese....' was referring to the idea that tax revenues are insufficient to pay for public education in its present form. Perhaps that is a stretch, but the point is worth making that without public education funded adequately to the task, our living standards will decline as we lose the ability to compete with other countries and, even more importantly, lose the ability to attract the best and brightest into the edcuation system although they lack family connections or money. Hog Manay - mckeever